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About Me

I've been custom designing websites for over 13 years and before that I ran my own video company called Concept Videos in Los Angeles.  I was the Station Chief Engineer of the Beverly Hills Public Access Station where I also directed hundreds of shows with many well known celebrities

I've been around computer since the early 80's, using it to design graphics, animation, video, and databases. Today I use a number of programs such as Photoshop, Flash, HTML Editors, Blender, Pro tools, Video Editors, to deliver engaging sites.

I recently started incorporating 3D Modeled scenes and objects into my web designs and video projects using an open source program called Blender. I've always been interested in this media and am excited to be able to add it to the list of things I can do for my clients.

I'm back into Video Production currently working on a Documentary as co-director and editor.

I play a number of instruments, write and compose my own music. I just released my first CD with CDBaby.com titled "Circus Life". Yep, another touch that I can add to my clients projects if needed.

I love what I do and like the creative challenges that always come my way. I look forward in helping you with your next project.

Thanx Sean 


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