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My Services

I offer a broad range of services and can provide anything from a simple elegant "brochure site" to a complex, rich-media entertainment site.

Graphic Design
Graphic design isn't just about making your site "look nice", although an attractive appearance is important. The design is important because of the image it projects about your business.

HTML, CSS, Java Scripts
These are the languages of the Web, the code in which your site is created. My expertise will assure that your site is written in modern, standard compliant code.

Web Graphics 
If your site's design requires a logo, graphical buttons, headers, icons or other images, no problem. I'm a versatile illustrator that can handle it all. I prepare all images to display with maximum quality and a minimum download time.

Interactivity can make a visitor to your site feel that the site is "responsive" and helps keep interest high. I can create interfaces that respond to user actions on many levels. 

I can take your audio or video materials and edit them to stream properly within your site for browsers. 

When used well, animation can attract and hold a visitor's attention. Used poorly, it can drive visitors away.

Flash can be used to build complete websites or just add small bits of animation or interactivity within regular HTML pages.

It doesn't matter how much content your site has, or how good it is, if visitors can't find their way to what they want. I know how to organize your site's structure and navigation for maximum clarity and effectiveness.

Site Maintenance
I can make myself available for updates and changes to your site if needed and provide this service on an ongoing or as-needed basis. I can set up your site so that you or someone in your organization can easily make updates to text and images with a custom CMS designed site. 


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